Tehag Diesel Emission Management: Your competent partner for emission control

Muffler/Emission control systems OEM

For initial instal­la­tion on vehi­cles, machi­nes and sta­tio­nary instal­la­ti­ons, we offer a com­plete line of emis­si­ons con­trol sys­tems, from sound absor­bers to exhaust gas clea­nup, as well as the com­plete piping from the machine flange to the exhaust pipe. We also fabri­cate and supply all pre­ci­sely fit­ting insu­la­tion, rein­force­ments and other access­ories. Our more than 20 years of expe­ri­ence in exhaust gas clea­nup has also enab­led us to be con­struc­tive advi­ser and relia­ble part­ner in the deve­lop­ment and manage­ment of emis­sion con­trols for many OEM customers.

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Retrofitting exhaust gas cleanup

We offer dif­fe­rent par­ti­cu­late fil­ters for retro­fit­ting exis­ting trans­por­ta­tion vehi­cles as well as con­struc­tion machi­nes and sta­tio­nary faci­li­ties, which we design toge­ther with our cust­o­mers, to fit the indi­vi­dual needs. This enab­les us to offer the best solu­tion for each spe­ci­fic app­li­ca­tion. Our sys­tems are tes­ted and cer­ti­fied accor­ding to the most strin­gent requi­re­ments. These cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­ons enable us to retro­fit almost any vehile or machine wit­hout problem.

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Engineering and Construction

We offer effi­ci­ent sound absorbers/mufflers, par­ti­cu­late fil­ters and SCR-Systems for large engi­nes. We are your com­pe­tent pro­ject part­ner for new loco­mo­ti­ves, ships or sta­tio­nary instal­la­ti­ons, such as die­sel powered gene­ra­tors. Our exten­sive know-how and fabri­ca­tion expe­ri­ence also enable us to offer a com­pe­tent con­sul­ta­tion, con­struc­tive sup­port as well as fabri­ca­tion of all com­ponents in our manu­fac­tu­ring facilities.

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Newsflash: News about Tehag

Tehag at the Bauma 2016

Just as in the years 2010 and 2013 the Tehag group belon­ged this year again to the group of exhi­bi­tors at the Bauma in Mün­chen. At world’s lea­ding exhi­bi­tion for the con­struc­tion indus­try Tehag pre­sen­ted solu­ti­ons for exhaust sys­tems for con­struc­tion machi­nes to all inte­res­ted visi­tors. Various par­ti­cu­late fil­ter sys­tems, exhaust sys­tems and com­bi­na­tion of par­ti­cu­late fil­ters and SCR sys­tems, the whole range of Tehag’s OEM solu­ti­ons and retro­fit­ting were rep­re­sen­ted here. Read more →

Tehag wishes you a happy and prosperous year 2016

For you, your family and your fri­ends we wish you all the best, suc­cess and healthness.

For Tehag 2016 will become an import­ant and event­ful year. The main event will be the 25th anni­versary of Tehag Engi­nee­ring AG in Switz­er­land. 25 years suc­cess­full mis­sion for exhaust gas clea­ning of Die­sel, Gaso­line and Gasen­gi­nes we want to cele­brate with you.

At the same we can look back of 10 years acti­ti­vi­ties of Tehag Deutsch­land GmbH, which was foun­ded in janu­ary 2006 at the time envi­ro­men­tal regu­la­ti­ons came in to force in Ger­many. This we would also like to cele­brate with you. Read more →